Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is nothing more than a specific type of CPA advertising in which the action that the user has to perform is to buy something. That is, you act as a commercial, promoting in your blog a product or service of another company, which pays you a commission each time you generate a sale. how to make money online for free is the questions of all beginners.

Affiliate platforms work as follows:

  • Sign up as an affiliate
  • Through the platform you create special links with your identifier, which point to the page of the product to promote
  • You put those links in your blog
  • A reader clicks on any of those links, makes a purchase in the next X days (X depends on the company) and you take a commission
  • At the end of the month you enter into your checking account the total amount of all commissions

Easy, right?

The first affiliate program in history was Amazon, but nowadays there are many more and practically in all sectors: travel, telephony, digital products … To find them you just have to search Google in the company name followed by the word “affiliates”.

Sometimes it is the companies themselves that manage their affiliate programs, but most commonly they do so through affiliate networks. These are some of the most important:

  • Amazon UK
  • TradeDoubler
  • Zanox
  • ClicBank
  • CommissionJunction
  • The amount of the commission varies depending on the company, and ranges from 3-5% over the sale price in the case of physical products up to 50-70% when it comes to digital products.

The key to success with affiliation is to intercept the users who are in the middle of the buying process and take them to your blog, and the most common way to do this is by writing articles about offers or product reviews and positioning them on Google for terms commercial. I explain.

If someone searches the word “coffee maker” in Google, you do not know what it means. You may want to buy a coffee maker, but perhaps you already have one and it has broken down, or maybe it is a boy looking for photos of coffee machines for a school job. However, if you are looking for “coffee maker”, “coffee analysis Nesspreso” or “coffee price Tassimo”, we know that you are thinking of buying a coffee maker and, therefore, it is much more likely to end up generating a sale. This second type of user is the one that interests you to visit your blog.

Examples of blogs that use affiliate marketing:

  • Offerman . The author of this blog publishes every day different offers of electronic products, accompanied by a brief analysis. All links on the web are affiliate links for which a commission is taken. I do not know how much money I’ll make a month, but I think it should go pretty well.
  • Running Shoes . The web of Luís Clausín is the reference page on running shoes (a good example of a super-specific niche). All links are affiliated.
  • Otogami . This video game finder created by David Bonilla and his partner Jerónimo tracks 29 stores and tells you where you can buy at the best price. Obviously, the purchase link is an affiliate link


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